05.12.2016 | KNAUER NEWS

Strong Detection of weak absorbents

Detection of smallest amounts of dissolved compounds with little or no absorption in the UV-Vis spectral range still represents a chromatographic challenge today. Refractive Index Detection is in many cases the only viable choice in modern analytics. The Refractive Index Detector, often simply called RID, is one of the most flexible tools available in HPLC, and a true work-horse for the detection of Saccharides in particular.

KNAUER OEM division expands the product portfolio with an RID kit that fits perfectly in this tradition. But with many innovative features which makes it unique on the today’s market. “It has always been important to us to re-invent known technologies with innovations and to continuously supply the best possible tools to the scientific community” says Dr. Marc Diener, head of KNAUER R&D about the current product.

KNAUER always delivers exclusively high quality technology "Made in Germany". For OEM Clients, the kit is easily adapted and fitted into customized housings to fulfill specific market requirements at favorable costs.

For more than 30 years KNAUER has been a reliable OEM supplier providing a strong supply chain and excellent support. KNAUER develops and manufactures exclusively in Berlin state-of-the-art pumps, detectors, valves, and further HPLC components with long-term business relations to a number of major players in the HPLC field.

For further information on our OEM portfolio please contact KNAUER via OEMsales@knauer.net.

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