Separation of alpha-Lactalbumine and beta-Lactoglobuline

Applikationsnr.: VBS0005J

Separation of alpha-Lactalbumine and beta-Lactoglobuline

Eurosil Bioselect 300 C18A has been specifically developed for the determination and purification of peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotides up to MW approx. 5,000 Da. The optimized manufacturing process guarantees excellent batch–to-batch reproducibility. The Eurosil Bioselect sorbent is the first choice for Biochromatography with silica material.

Technische Daten


Methode HPLC


Modus RP
Substanzen alpha-Lactalbumin; beta-Lactoglobuline
Schlüsselwörter Whey proteins, alpha-Lactalbumin; beta-Lactoglobuline
CAS Nummer 9051-29-0, 9045-23-2

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