AZURA GPC Cleanup System

Manual sample preparation takes time and occupies your specialist staff. Automate general GPC cleanup tasks (Gel Permeation Chromatography) and improve your subsequent analysis. Based on the AZURA device platform the GPC Cleanup System can be customized to fulfill individual requirements or adapted to pre-established laboratory procedures. The dedicated system processes up to 16 samples while requiring minimal bench space. Mobile Control provides an intuitive and cost-effective user interface for device control directly at the system.

Key features of GPC Cleanup System

  • 16 sample loops with each 1 or 5 ml
  • 16 outlets of fraction collection
  • GPC tubing guide sorts sample loops and outlet tubings of fraction collection
  • Pump with pressure sensor (maximum flow rate of 10 or 50 ml/min)
  • UV Detector with variable wavelength
  • Electrical and manual Valves for controlling the flow path
  • 10 inch touch screen with Mobile Control directly at the system


In accordance with established methods including

• AOAC Method 984.21

• EPA SW-846 Method 3640

• AEN 12393 and EN 1528

• L 00.00-34 Method in accordance with §64 LFGB (formerly § 35 LMBG)

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Coming soon: AZURA GPC Cleanup System 10

Dedicated system for general cleanup tasks (10 ml/min maximum flow rate)


Coming soon: AZURA GPC Cleanup System 50

Dedicated System for general cleanup tasks (50 ml/min maximum flow rate)