AZURA Pilot Prep LC

Choose the Pilot Prep LC system if you want to increase your productivity even more.

As for the AZURA Lab Prep LC system you can freely build up your system. Flow rates up to 1000 ml/min and loads up to several grams are possible. Optional peak and solvent recycling can be set up to reduce separation costs significantly.

Upgrade your isocratic  system with your low pressure gradient module to a binary or ternary LPG system.


What's your scale? What's your separation mode?


The pump heads of the AZURA P2.1L can be changed easily, so choose between the 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml version or just buy different sizes and switch your system scale as fast as changing the eluent.


From simple isocratic separation to demanding separation tasks with up to 3 different eluent types: our AZURA Pilot Prep LC System offers you the best solution.

Special offers for selected AZURA Prep LC systems

PROMOTION 2017: AZURA Pilot Prep LC 100 LPGwith 16-port fractionation valve752102112
AZURA Pilot Prep LC 100 LPG with Foxy R1 fraction collector752102142

Example systems

Pump Head
100 ml/min755201110755102110755203110
250 ml/min744201010741102010744203110
500 ml/minon request734101010on request
1000 ml/minon request723202010724203110