AZURA Lab Prep LC 50

The Lab Prep LC system is designed for your more demanding semi-preparative separations. Customize a highly flexible LC system with freely combinable components. An assistant combines up to three additional devices (valves, additional pumps or UV-detector).

With a maximum flow rateof 50 ml/min it is possible to separate up to several hundred milligrams per run.

  • up to 50 ml/min
  • up to 300 bar
  • Isocratic or HPG
  • UV (variable wavelength, multiple wavelength, diode array), RI, ELSD or fluorescence detector
  • Conductivity, pH-monitor
  • Peak and solvent recycling available
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AZURA Lab Prep LC 50 HPG

P 6.1L
UVD 2.1L
Autosampler 6.1L
Foxy R1