YMC ECO glass columns

Glass column ECO, 10 mm ID, 120 mm length, with and without cooling

Our low priced easy-to-handle ECO glass columns are designed for almost all types of purification applications in the low pressure range (max. 10 to 30 bar, depending on column diameter) ... mostly used for biochromatography. You can choose between an aqueous buffer version and a solvent resistant version. Additionally the plunger is available in two different lengths in order to easily adapt to different bed lengths. The ECO glass columns can be equipped with an optional water-jacket to make them part of our Benchtop Cooling option and can be used over a wide range of temperatures. Packing and refilling of these glass columns is easy and any resin for protein purifications can be used. The columns are supplied with all necessary accessories.

10 mm ID15 mm ID25 mm ID50 mm ID70 mm ID80 mm ID
120 mm lengthxxxxxx
200 mm lengthxxxxxx
450 mm lengthxxxxxx
750 mm lengthxxxxxx
1000 mm lengthxxxxxx
Pressure limit in bar3025151055



Additional parameters to choose:

  • Aqueous buffer (AB) or
  • solvent resistant (SR)
Adjustable plungers
  • 1 adjustable plunger (Vario) or
  • 2 adjustable plungers (Multivario)
  • 10 µm,
  • 16–40 µm,
  • 40–100 µm
Water jacket version


yes* or no

(*) feature only available with two adjustable plungers for glass columns with ID 10- 50 mm



Features of YMC ECO glass columns

Glass column ECO, 10 mm ID, 120 mm length
  • Easy handling of the columns
  • Glass columns are available in 5 lengths and 6 IDs for a wide range of applications and easy upscaling
  • Axial compression and column bed height adjustment via one or two variable plunger
  • Chemically and biologically inert borosilicate glass
  • Water-jacket for thermostatting  optionally available
  • Easy-to-change frits
  • Reverse flow is possible
  • Connectable to any LC system
  • Coupling adapter for packing available

Technical data

AB versionSR version

Temperature range

4–40 °C16–40°C



O-ring plunger

Viton® O-ring (10–50 mm ID)

EPDM (70–80 mm ID)

Kalrez® O-ring


Sintered glass (10–50 mm ID)

Polyethylene (70–80 mm ID)

Sintered glass (10–50 mm ID)

Stainless steel (70–80 mm ID)

Pressure limit

5–30 bar depending on ID

Glass tube

Borosilicate glass

Height adjustment

Adjustable plunger provides up to 120 mm bed height adjustment ( 2 adjustable plunger supplied on request)

Capillaries, nuts,

  • ID 10–15 mm: 1 x 1m FEP tubing (0.8 x 1.6 mm) / 4 x 1/4“-28G nut and ferrule (collapsible), for 1/16“ tubing / 2 x M6 nut and ferrule for 1/16“ tubing / 2 x 10-32 nut/ferrule for 1/16“ tubing / 2 x anti-kink tube protector
  • ID 25–80 mm: 1 x 1m FEP-tubing (1.6 or 2.4 x 3.2 mm) / 4 x 1/4“-28G nut and ferrule (collapsible), for 1/8“ tubing / 2 x M6 nut and ferrule for 1/8“ tubing


1 frit removal tool and  2 x plugs