AZURA Compact Bio LC: basic easy-to-use system for routine separation tasks

AZURA Compact Bio LC 10

AZURA Compact Bio LC fits on any lab bench and allows easy size and isocratic applications like size exclusion or affinity chromatography. Additional devices can be easily added any time due to the modular design of AZURA.

  • Isocratic buffer pump
  • UV/Vis detector with single but variable wavelength
  • Compatible to all biochromatography columns
  • PurityChrom® Bio software
  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 bar


Special offers for selected AZURA Compact Bio LC systems

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AZURA Compact Bio LC 10

For easy size exclusion chromatography up to 10 ml/min


AZURA Compact Bio LC 50

For affinity chromatography up to 50 ml/min