AZURA Bio LC: flexible FPLC system solutions

Complete solutions for FPLC on a minimum footprint: AZURA Bio LC systems for FPLC combine flexibility and reliability. With its biocompatible design, AZURA Bio LC qualifies for any protein purification task or bio chromatography challenge.

The AZURA Bio LC standard configuration can be changed or upgraded by optional components. Multiple functionalities such as column switching, buffer and sample selection as well as fraction collection enable the user to automate the purification.

A large range of different detectors makes your sample visible. Different flowrates and columns compatibility offer maximum flexibility. The systems can be supplemented with our benchtop cooling. The intuitive software PurityChrom ® Bio offers all the advantages of versatile purification software.

We are looking forward to support you with any questions concerning your application and choice of column.

From simple to complex, from lab to pilot scale: Design your AZURA Bio LC system according to your purification task!


AZURA Compact Bio LC

Special Offer: AZURA Compact Bio LC 10 system

AZURA Compact Bio LC fits on any lab bench and allows applications from size exclusion to affinity chromatography. 

Special Offer:  

AZURA Compact Bio LC 10




AZURA Lab Bio LC are designed for FPLC and more complex purification of biomolecules on a laboratory scale.

AZURA Pilot Bio LC

AZURA Pilot Bio LC systems combine highest productivity with flow rates up to 1000 ml/min with maximum flexibility. 

Optional system components

Configure your AZURA Bio LC system to your needs with customized components for buffer delivery, injection, detection and fraction collection.

Software for bio purification and FPLC

Software: PurityChrom Bio virtual box

PurityChrom® Bio is a volume-based chromatography software especially designed for the area of bio purification. 

Biopurification accessories

Air Sensor, Pressure Sensor and other useful accessories for biopurification

Glass columns ECO

Glass column ECO, 10 mm ID, 120 mm length, with and without cooling

Low priced and easy-to-handle glass columns for low-pressure biochromatography. 

Glass columns ECO PLUS

10 mm ID, 250 mm length and 5 mm ID, 125 mm length

High quality quick-lock glass columns with an extended pressure range up to 80 bar.

10 Things about biochromatography

See a training video about the main differences between HPLC and FPLC.


Find here all brochures and documents for biochromatography equipment from KNAUER.

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