High temperature dosing: handling temperatures up to 120°C

Sometimes the supply of media or starting materials for a chemical reaction needs to be heated to properly meet the conditions of the process. This is where standard high pressure pumps can reach their limits. KNAUER dosing pumps withstand moderate liquid temperatures and can be equipped with thermally decoupled pump heads even for elevated temperatures.

It is also possible to equip the pump with a pump head heating device for temperature sensitive applications.

Pump requirements

  • Pump head with heating option
  • Suitability for high liquid temperatures
  • High flow rate accuracy
Thermally decoupled pump head for high operating temperatures

Pump features

  • Designed for operating temperatures up to 120 °C
  • Optimized pump head for high temperature applications
  • Pump head heating device is an optional upgrade and is fast and easy to install
  • High pressure inlet bushing allows handling of pre-heated liquids

Application examples

  • Metering of polyethylene glycol
  • Metering of heavy fuel oils

Operating parameters

Max. delivery pressure

40 MPa (400 bar, 5800 psi)

Flow rate range

0.01–10.00 ml/min

Max. viscosity

100 mPa·s

Liquid temperature range

60–120 °C (140–248 °F)

KNAUER pump for high temperature dosing up to 120°C without running hot

Max. flow ratePump head materialPump type

BlueShadow 40 P

10 ml/min

stainless steel

BlueShadow Pump 40P APC30EE

50 ml/min

stainless steel

BlueShadow Pump 40P APC30FE