AZURA Educational System: How do you explain HPLC?

With the AZURA Educational system, tomorrow's HPLC professionals learn injecting a sample, pumping, separating, detecting, and analyzing data on a modern compact HPLC system.

Clear, modern and cost-effective

AZURA Educational system

The AZURA Educational system supports schools and universities in their efforts to teach chromatography in theory and practice. The Education system includes: 

  • AZURA Compact HPLC: an isocratic HPLC system with manual injection valve, pump, HPLC column and UV detector as well as eluent tray and solvent bottles
  • a laptop and the HPLC software ClarityChrom
  • training material: flow chart for installation and capillary connection, detailed application note and video tutorials

All important system components are easily accessible. The system is controlled by a laptop that is also used to processes the analysis data. 

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At KNAUER, we care about the education of young scientists

Therefore, in co-operation with a study group of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), we initiated the project KNAUER Explorer Club (KEK). In one room at the KNAUER headquarters, school kids can experiment and learn how to analyze with chromatography. 

With the AZURA Educationl system, we go one step further to support universities and professional schools in lab-training and practical handling of HPLC.