AZURA Analytical HPLC: Flexible and adjustable

AZURA® Analytical HPLC covers a wide selection of different HPLC modules to enable you to do every analytical task needed. Choose between different pumps, gradient systems and different detectors to fulfill your HPLC requirements.

AZURA Compact is the most basic and cost effective HPLC system with a max. backpressure of up to 400 bar. AZURA HPLC Plus systems with an extended backpressure of up to 700 bar improve routine separation tasks. AZURA UHPLC systems feature an optimized dead volume and a backpressure range of up to 1000 bar turning them into ideal systems for high-demanding applications.

Control and monitor your system and process your data with OpenLAB® or ClarityChrom®. AZURA Analytical HPLC is our complete solution for your daily HPLC routine.



AZURA UHPLC: advanced systems for highest demands and most complex tasks up to 1000 bar.

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AZURA HPLC Plus systems

AZURA HPLC Plus: the complete solution for your daily HPLC routine with a “Plus”-feature of 700 bar max pressure. 

What is your analytical HPLC challenge today?

AZURA Educational system

AZURA Educational system

The AZURA Educational system is a complete HPLC system, specially designed for the education of future HPLC professionals.

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