OEM - Manufacturing equipment for you

We are an independent manufacturer for chromatography instruments and complete system solutions. In addition to manufacturing our own brand, we also do contract manufacturing. We offer attractive conditions based upon planning of our hardware and software developments.

We produce high quality products while we apply our process-oriented development and production planning. Certification plan is available. All ISO 9001.

Our OEM team is ready to speak to you: +49 30 809727-300

Please contact us with your requirements. Find out how you can benefit from a KNAUER OEM partnership


Examples of OEM solutions

Multitasking Valves

Valves are widely used in a number of different applications like injection, column selection, or further switching tasks. Manual control by lever is possible as well as automatic operation using a valve drive. The KNAUER portfolio covers valves for analytical and preparative chromatographic applications. Due to flexibility in material, valves can be used for standard HPLC tasks, purification tasks, FPLC, and dosing applications with different eluents and even at high temperature. KNAUER’s valve drive “Valve Unifier“ fits to all KNAUER valves and thereby supports a wide range of HPLC applications. OEM integration is entirely supported based on the possibility of customization and the availability as a kit. The device can be integrated into housings with compact dimensions. Read more

Refractive Index Detector Kit

Detection of small amounts of dissolved compounds with little or no absorption in the UV/V is spectral range represents an analytical challenge even today. The differential refractometer is an established work-horse for the detection of alcohols, sugars, lipids or polymers in HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) and GPC (gel permeation chromatography).The AZURA RID 2.1L instrument can be easily adapted and fitted into customized housings to fulfill specific market requirements at favorable costs. A differential refractometer kit is available specifically designed for OEM integration and business. Read more

KNAUER is an independent, privately-owned medium-sized company.

  • Own hardware and software development

  • Process-controlled development and manufacturing

  • Dedicated OEM team to serve OEM customers

  • Development and manufacturing in Germany

KNAUER offers a great deal of our product range for OEM business partnerships. OEM means: We custom-manufacture products from our portfolio according to your needs.
We are experts in the chromatography field and dosing area and will be able to understand what you are looking for. In addition to our day-to-day business, we are always open to discuss new projects.
Sign a disclosure agreement and show us the information required for prototyping.
We are experienced in providing you prototypes and other equipment for testing your device. After successful testing we are ready to manufacture for you. We offer very attractive conditions to our OEM partners. Manufacturers from all over the world place trust in our know-how and experience. Find here a selection of KNAUER OEM customers.

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