AZURA Prep LC: What do you want to purify today?

A preparative HPLC system should be as versatile as possible, since purification tasks can change frequently. AZURA Prep LC was designed for flexibility and to comfortably handle large sample volumes.

Easy to operate and maintain the AZURA Prep LC systems are perfectly suited for the purification of your products such as synthesis stages or active ingredients. The systems can be optimally adapted to the scale you need.

AZURA system

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Available pump heads

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Compact Prep LC
Lab Prep LC
Pilot Prep LC


Application: Peak recycling with an AZURA preparative HPLC system. Read more


AZURA Pilot Prep LC system with Multi Column Base, fraction collector and control software

Compact Prep LC

It fits on any lab bench and allows purification tasks up to 50 ml/min. Additional devices can be easily added any time due to the modular design of AZURA.

Lab Prep LC

A System designed for your more demanding semi-preparative separations. With a max. flow rate of 50 ml/min it is possible to separate up to several hundred milligrams per run.

Pilot Prep LC

Choose the Pilot Prep LC system if you want to increase your productivity even more. Flow rates up to 1000 ml/min and loads up to several grams are possible.

GPC Cleanup

Do not waste time and manpower with manual sample preparation. KNAUER´s GPC Cleanup System automates work-intensive cleanup tasks yielding high quality and reproducibility of your sample work-up.

How do you control your HPLC system?

AZURA Mobile Control: tablet with screenshot "Assistant status"

With the KNAUER Mobile Control software you can control selected AZURA devices from your tablet. Works as an addition to your CDS or as a stand-alone control.

AZURA Prep LC at analytica 2016

See Hagen Schlicke talk about the AZURA Prep LC System in this video taken at analytica 2016 by SelectScience.

Application support

Benefit from our experience in preparative chromatography and our extensive laboratory equipment. Our LC LAB experts support you to find the best solution for your task.

Preparative HPLC columns

HPLC columns for lab-scale purification tasks, featuring axial compression of the column bed. Significantly longer-lasting performance than standard columns.

KNAUER ScaleUp Converter

Method transfer from analytical to preparative HPLC becomes easy with this free software tool. Enter analytical parameters and get the required parameters for your scaled-up LC method.

Accessories for preparative HPLC

From benchtop organization to column heating: find here the perfect accessory for your AZURA Prep LC system.

AZURA Prep LC brochure

The brochure provides you with all information regarding our preparative systems and accessories needed for a successful separation.

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