AZURA Lab Bio LC: more complex purification on lab scale

AZURA Lab Bio LC systems are designed for more complex purification of biomolecules on a laboratory scale. These systems are optimized for FPLC applications like size exclusion, ion exchange and affinity chromatography.

The standard system configuration can be extended with optional system solutions. This flexibility allows the user to find the best configuration for each purification task.

  • Complete gradient system for all FPLC applications
  • UV/Vis with single but variable wavelength
  • Conductivity monitoring with optional pH measurement
  • Compatible to biochromatography columns
  • Fraction collector for fractionation
  • PurityChrom® Bio software
  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 bar
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AZURA Bio LC Two Step Purification System

Automate your purification.


AZURA Lab Bio LC 10

for more complex FPLC applications up to 10 ml/min


AZURA Lab Bio LC 50

for more complex FPLC applications up to 50 ml/min