High pressure dosing: metering liquids easily up to 650 bar

KNAUER pumps are designed for feeding liquids under high pressure. A selection of pump heads is available for customized chemical compatibility with a wide range of liquids. Different flow rate ranges and an optimized pump design enable excellent performance and high flexibility for demanding low, medium, and high pressure dosing tasks. Pump heads can be exchanged quickly to adapt easily to changing applications.

Pump requirements

  • High flow rate accuracy*
  • Low pulsation
  • Compatibility with materials
  • High reproducibility

*) Check here for mass flow controlled metering.

Capacity range for small AZURA P 2.1S and P 4.1S pumps

Pump features

  • Easy to exchange pump heads available in sizes of 10 ml/min or 50 ml/min
  • High pressure capability up to 650 bar
  • Excellent flow rate accuracy and precision
  • Powerful and precise drives with low pulsation
  • Flexible control – possible through a touch pad, via RS-232, Ethernet and analog interface
  • Compact dimensions
  • Economical solution for simple dosing applications

Application examples

  • Metering of water
  • Metering of methanol
  • Metering of aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g. benzene or xylene)

Operating parameters

Max. delivery pressure65 MPa (650 bar, 9400 psi)
Flow rate range0.01–50 ml/min
Max. viscosity100 mPa·s
Liquid temperature range

20–60 °C (68–140 °F)

Selected KNAUER pumps for high pressure dosing

Max. flow ratePump head materialPump type

Pump w/o pressure sensor

Pump with pressure sensor

10 ml/min
650 bar

stainless steel

BlueShadow Pump 40P  APC30EA

10 ml/min
400 bar

stainless steel



50 ml/min
150 bar

stainless steel