Analytical HPLC

Analytical HPLC is the standard technique in instrumental analysis to identify or quantify the components of a liquid sample.

Analytical UHPLC

For superior resolution, higher speed and faster results. Benefit from latest sub-2 µm and core-shell column technology and analyze more complex samples.


When separating and purifying proteins and other biomolecules, the FPLC system needs to fulfil high requirements for biocompatibility. 

Preparative HPLC

Purification is the purpose of preparative HPLC. Compared to analytical HPLC, separated samples are collected. Systems differ regarding flow rate ranges, collection strategies, and recycling options.

Multicolumn Applications / SMB

Multicolumn applications and SMB for higher yields of pure substance are applied separation techniques in the pharmaceutical industry, production of fine chemicals, and in the field of bioengineering.

Sample preparation

Manual sample preparation takes time and occupies your specialist staff. KNAUER´s new systems are especially designed for automated sample preparation.


We offer a wide range of sensors e.g. for the detection of full UV/Vis spectra, non-UV absorbing compounds, radiolabeled material, oxidizable and reducible analytes or optically active analytes.

Dosing, metering & pumping

Low pulsation and high pressures of up to 400 bar are a must in HPLC and are also ideal for high precision metering and liquid supply applications.


Determining the osmotic strength of aqueous samples can provide various parameters in medicine and food control. By measuring vapour pressure differences the average molecular weight of polymers can be obtained.