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Do you plan to separate substances by HPLC in order to qualify, quantify or even purify without spending too much time in developing a suitable method? We offer an application and method development service and supports you to select a suitable system four your lab. According to your specifications we prepare an efficient HPLC or FPLC method including advice for an appropriate sample preparation.

To ensure transparency about the project status, the project is split into several phases. After each phase we jointly discuss the current situation and detailed progress. You will finally receive the optimum result with full agreement on both sides. We offer:

1. Proof of Concept:

Send us your standards, and we recommend the most suitable LC system and an appropriate column and the optimum method parameters.

2. All in One Solution:

With your analytes and sample matrix, we provide a feasibility study, a recommended sample preparation, the complete analytical method and data evaluation.


If you or your customer intend to send us samples please take into account that the so called Sample screening data sheet needs to be entirely filled in and placed on top of the package. This is due to handling and safety reasons. Download here the sample screening data sheet.

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