Mobile Control & Mobile Control Chrom

KNAUER monitoring and control software for AZURA devices and systems

Mobile Control provides full access to AZURA devices. Change device settings, set operating parameters, automate device control or check the system status…
Mobile Control features all required functionalities of a Display.

Do you want more than a Display without using an advanced chromatographic data system?
Mobile Control Chrom features data acquisition form AZURA detectors in addition to full device control. With the hand-held Mobile Control (Chrom) option you have your AZURA devices at your fingertips. Remotely control and monitor your system and enjoy the touchscreen-optimized user interface. You are looking for an easy-to-use and cost-effective software solution for simple applications/ systems – Choose Mobile Control!

What is new in version 5?

•    5 day trial option with full features
•    Block programming for quick program writing
•    New devices supported: AS 6.1L, IFU 2.1 LAN
•    Synchronous switching of valves
•    Constant pressure/ isobar mode for P 6.1L/ P 2.1L
•    System check for GLP data
•    Widget design for intuitive handling

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Article Nr.
Mobile Control

Software controlling AZURA devices/ system
including 10" tablet


Mobile Control Chrom

Software controlling AZURA devices/ systems with data acquisition
including 10" tablet


Mobile Control License

Software controlling AZURA devices/ systems


Mobile Control Chrom License

Software controlling AZURA devices/ systems with data acquisition


Mobile Control Upgrade License

Upgrading Mobile Control to Mobile Control Chrom
gaining data acquisition


Mobile Control Tablet Mount

Universal tilt and swivel tablet mount


Tablet Lock with stand

for all tablets


Tablet Lock

for all tablets