HPLC pumps

KNAUER high pressure pumps are well-known for their compactness and reliability as hplc pumps as well as for dosing applications.

Exchangeable pump heads provide a maximum of flexibility and easy maintenance. Models with electronic compensation drive offer very low pulsation. AZURA pumps are available for state-of-the-art UHPLC, for extended performance HPLC (HPLC Plus), for standard analytical HPLC, and for lab-scale purification tasks up to 1000 ml/min. A pump especially useful for column packing is the Pneumatic Pump 1950.

Compact pump: P 2.1S and P 4.1S

Ultra-compact high pressure HPLC pump for flow rates up to 50 ml/min. Also available with pressure sensor for higher accuracy.

Preparative HPLC pump: P 2.1L

Preparative HPLC pump AZURA P 2.1L covers wide flow rate range and pressure capabilities. It has been designed for purification of milligram to several hundred gram samples per day.

Analytical HPLC pump: P 6.1L

The AZURA Pump P 6.1L uses technology to overcome the challenges of pumping LC solvents at high pressure and high flow rates.

Dosing pumps

Pumps are also used in non-HPLC environments, e.g. the conveying and dosing of aqueous and organic liquids, highly viscous or aggressive media, liquid gases, at high or low temperatures or at high pressure. 

Pneumatic high pressure pumps

Powered by compressed air, ideal for for solvent delivery in process chemistry, column packing or preparative chromatography.

Pump heads

Pump heads are responsible for what KNAUER pumps are known for: an excellent flow rate accuracy and precision.

Accessories and replacement parts

Pump PDF downloads

Brochures, manuals and service documents for pumps and pump heads.

Which dosing pump is most suitable for your application?

Fill out the questionnaire and let us know the requirements for your dosing task. We will recommend the most appropriate dosing pump for you.

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