High resolution glass columns

The Glass columns offer highest pressure stability and a wide temperature range, which makes them suitable for most biochromatograpy applications. They can be packed and refilled with any BioFox separation media for your bioseparations and purifications or proteins: affinitiy chromatography, ion-exchange chromatography, immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) and size exclusion chromatography (SEC).

Available Glass columns

glass column


10 mm

20 mm

30 mm

50 mm

100 mm


30 cm





*available soon*

60 cm





100 cm




Glass column features:

  • chemically and biologically inert borosilicate glass
  • pressure resistant columns allow for higher flow rates and faster separations
  • glass columns are available in 3 lengths and 3 IDs for a wide range of applications and easy upscaling
  • axial compression and column bed height adjustment via a variable adaptor with integrated quick release lever
  • "Uniform flow" distributor on both adaptors makes reverse flow ("Up / Down Flow") possible
  • thermostatting jacket is resistant to cooling liquid
  • easy to change PEEK and PTFE frits
  • robust, pressure resistant design of funnel and fingertight adaptors for safe handling, ease-of-use and longevity
  • all column components - including the glass column and flexible and fixed adaptors - are also available individually

Technical data

Max. height of gel bed

column length minus 100 mm

Maximum pressure

columns with 10 and 20 mm ID: 100 bar ( 10 Mpa)

columns with 30 mm ID: 80 bar (8 Mpa)

Temperature range

4 - 60 °C

Column tube

borosilicate glass

resistant against buffers and acids as well as HPLC solvents

not for use with hydrofluoric or phosphoric acid, nor strong alkaline substances

Heating / cooling jacket

wetted material: PMMA (poly(methylmethacyrlate), Plexiglas®)

for use with water + 10 % methanol (little corrosion with 100 % methanol)

Adaptor head and flow distributor


resistant against buffers and acids as well as HPLC solvents

Adapter frits

PEEK, 10 μm

resistant against buffers and acids as well as HPLC solvents

or PTFE, 5 μm

resistant against buffers, methanol and acetone, do not use with acetonitrile

Adapter shaft

stainless steel (not in contact with eluent)

Capillaries, nuts, ferrules

PEEK, 1/16"

resistant against buffers and acids as well as HPLC solvents

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