Hydrophilic or aqueous C18 A or AQ columns for polar reversed phase applications with 100 % aqueous mobile phase

C18 stationary phase for the analysis of more polar and hydrophilic compounds in reversed phase mode (USP L1). Silica gel based columns with C18 modification with hydrophilic endcapping.

These phases are ideal for the analysis of:

  • Water soluble vitamins
  • Organic acids
  • Proteins and peptides

Here you can find C18 phases with a hydrophilic endcapping. Because of this modification, C18A or C18 aq phases as they are often called can be operated under 100 % aqueous conditions without destroying the stationary phase what is not recommended for classical C18 phases caused by their hydrophobicity.

Eurospher II 100 C18A

ProntoSIL 120 C18 AQ

ProntoSIL C18 AQ Plus

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