Cyano or CN for Normal Phase and Reversed Phase

CN (USP L10) is one of the most versatile stationary phases that can be used in reversed phase mode as well as in normal phase mode.

The cyano modification supports the pi-pi interaction as well as polar and hydrophobic interactions with low polarity solvents. These phases are preferred for compounds with double bonds and aromatic groups. Cyano bonded phases show unique selectivity for polar compounds and are more suitable than bare silica for normal-phase gradient separations. The cyano functional group is a strong dipole that can interact with other dipoles or induce dipoles on solutes. These phases also exhibit moderate hydrophobicity due to the alkyl linker.

Due to the quick equilibration time of the CN bonded phase, it is the best choice for gradient elution in normal phase mode. CN phases can be used as a less polar alternative to Si phases.

The material is typically preferred for

  • compounds with double bonds and for
  • cyclic antidepressants.
CN columns for reversed phase and normal phase applications

Eurospher I 100 CN

Eurospher II 100 CN

LiChrospher CN

Nucleosil 100 CN

ProntoSIL 120 CN

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