Si columns for Normal Phase and HILIC applications

Unmodified Silica gel materials were the first ones used for chromatography. This is the reason the mode is called "Normal phase" (NP). They are still used in HPLC, although Reversed Phase (NP) is by far the most often used HPLC mode today.

A wide range of porous Si materials is available, characterized by

  • surface area
  • pore size
  • particle size
  • purity
  • metal content

Eurospher II 100 Si

Eurospher 100 Si

LiChrosorb 100 Si

LiChrospher 100 Si

LiChrospher 60 Si

Nucleosil 100 Si

Nucleosil 120 Si

ProntoSIL 60 Si

ProntoSIL 120 Si

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