Amino columns for Normal Phase and for HILIC applications (USP L8)

Amino (NH2) bonded silica gel phases can be used ideally in the normal phase and HILIC mode. They show alternative normal-phase selectivity to unbonded silica, especially for aromatics.

Amino columns can also be used in the HILIC mode for carbohydrate analysis and for other polar compounds. Their weak anion-exchange properties can be used in the analysis of anions and organic acids.

Typically, the amino group is bonded to the silica support via a propyl linker.

Most Amino phases shown here come without endcapping, only ProntoSIL Amino E is a fully endcapped amino propyl bonded phase.

Eurospher 100 NH2

Eurospher II 100 NH2

LiChrospher 100 NH2

Nucleosil 100 NH2

ProntoSIL 120 Amino

ProntoSIL 120 Amino e

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