Columns for UHPLC and HPLC

KNAUER offers about 6,000 columns for HPLC, UHPLC, and FPLC separations as well as preparative scale columns for purifications. 

On these pages we focus on HPLC columns which are are arranged by separation task and by stationary phase properties.

If you prefer searching your separation column by brand or for other application ranges like FPLC and preparative HPLC, please refer to the last box.

Liquid chromatography columns from KNAUER are known for their reliability and robustness for more than 40 years. In the field of analytical HPLC columns we can offer a solution for nearly any analytical problem.

Find your LC column by separation task or column finder

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HPLC column finder

KNAUER HPLC column finder

Select your HPLC column or bulk stationary phase by brand, modification, USP-L class and more... get the right one from our over 6,000 liquid chromatography columns. 

(U)HPLC of small molecules

Silica gel based columns for HPLC and UHPLC in the most often used modes RP (reversed-phase), NP (normal phase) and HILIC (hydrophilic interaction).

HPLC of sugars, organic acids and alcohols

Ion exclusion and ligand exchange columns based on a sulfonated cross-linked styrene-divinyl-benzene copolymer and available in several ionic forms.

HPLC of proteins and peptides

Silica gel based analytical wide-pore HPLC columns for the determination of larger biomolecules.

Preparative HPLC columns

HPLC columns for lab-scale purification tasks, featuring axial compression of the column bed. Significantly longer-lasting performance than standard columns.

KNAUER column brands

Vertex Plus columns, 30x4 mm, 50x4 mm, 100x4 mm, 120x4 mm, 125x4 mm, 150x4 mm

Do you want to know more about Eurospher, Eurokat or Eurosil columns? Click here to find out more about our column brands.

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