AZURA Autosampler AS 6.1L

KNAUER offers a range of sample injection systems for analytical and preparative chromatography, as well as for FPLC. 

The AZURA Autosampler AS 6.1L combines the advantages of AZURA housing hardware with the reliable performance and with high precision and accuracy. It features the AZURA footprint and design and will, therefore, fit perfectly to other AZURA devices. The AS 6.1L is available in a broad range of configurations.

Each device can be controlled with all chromatographic software solutions KNAUER offers.

Autosampler AZURA AS 6.1L

(U)HPLC autosamplers

Autosampler AZURA AS 6.1L

(U)HPLC autosampler withstand a backpressure of up to 700 or 1200 bar and can be equipped with an optional tray cooling. 

FPLC autosamplers

Autosampler AZURA AS 6.1L

AS 6.1L offers a bio-inert, metal-free flow path. A heating/cooling option protects temperature sensitive samples with a max. backpressure up to 345 bar

Preparative autosamplers

Autosampler AZURA AS 6.1L

Preparative autosamplers are available with a preparative flow path for injections up to 10 ml at a backpressure range up to 200 bar.

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