Accessories and LC supplies

Air sensors and pressure sensors

Biopurification accessories

Air Sensor, Pressure Sensor and other useful accessories for biopurification


For analytical and semi-preparative HPLC and FPLC

Eluent bottels and safety caps

Eluent bottles

Safety caps

Solvent and Inline- Filters

Inline Filter

Eluent Filter



Flowmeter and Flowsplitter

Fraction collector accessories

Racks, tubings and other accessories for fraction collectors.

Osmometer accessories

Find the right accessory for your Osmometer

PC hardware and interfaces

Computers and monitors, notebooks, tablets and interfaces for your lab.

Pressure release valves and flow splitters

A sudden pressure increase in pressure can cause a pressure shock. Pressure release valves reduce system pressure and protect your system from damages.

Prep LC accessories

From benchtop organization to column heating: find here the perfect accessory for your AZURA Prep LC System.


Useful tools for everyday use in your HPLC lab.

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