AZURA Pilot Prep LC 250 LPG

Preparative system with 220 ml/min max. flow rate and ternary gradient

Article Nr.: 741102010

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The AZURA Pilot Prep LC 250 LPG system is a complete low pressure gradient (LPG) HPLC system for the purification of samples in the laboratory scale. The AZURA Preparative HPLC system is designed and optimized for the purification of milligram to gram samples. The system proposal consists of a preparative HPLC pump with ternary LPG valve block and an Assistent ASM 2.1L.

Large sample volumes can be introduced via the third LPG channel. For smal volume size the sample can be injected with a manuel injection valve.

The AZURA P 2.1L pump covers a wide flow rate range and pressure capabilities. In the current setup, it supports max. pressures up to 225 bar at flow rates up to 100 ml/min (200 bar from 100 - 220 ml/min). The integrated automatic recognition of the pump head with RFID technology allows fast adaptions of the pump for various applications. The LPG valve block enables the accurate formation of binary or ternary gradients with a maximum flow rate of 220 ml/min.

The system is completed by an AZURA assistant ASM 2.1L for preparative HPLC. This assistant includes the detector UVD 2.1S, an injection valve and a 12 port multipositions valve for fractionation.

The AZURA HPLC system comes with an eluent tray for safe storage of eluent bottles and an integrated leak management system with sensors.

VertexPlus AX columns (20 mm and 30 mm ID) can be attached with an optional AZURA mounting bracket at both sides of each AZURA element. A leak sensor and the capillary guidance as well as the optional Mobile Control with touch screen facilitate the safe and user friendly operation. Modern design with completely demountable fronts turn the system into a visual highlight.

Key features
  • Complete low pressure gradient preparative HPLC system for purification of mg and gram samples
  • Pump unit offers wide range of flow rates (0.1 - 220 ml/min)
  • Formation of eluent mixtures from up to 3 different eluents
  • In binary gradient mode the third channel can be used to introduce large sample volumes
  • Optional manual injection Valve for smaler sample sizes
  • Automatic recognition of the pump head with RFID technology
  • UV/VIS detector with a variable single wavelength
  • Fractionation valve for fraction collection, solvent and peak recycling
  • Optional Mobile Control allows direct control and monitoring of all integrated modules
  • Leakage protection
  • Customizable

Preparative HPLC pump with 250 ml/min pump head, stainless steel


AZURA LPG module for Pump P 2.1L

Ternary LPG module for flow rates up to 220 ml/min, stainless steel


AZURA UV Detector UVD 2.1S

190 - 500 nm, small variable single wavelength UV detector


Preparative UV Flow Cell

variable path length and variable volume, 1/8", 200 bar, stainless steel


AZURA Eluent tray E 2.1L

Eluent tray for up to 6 x 1000 ml bottles, (delivery without bottles),
or 4 x 2.5 l bottles,
or 2 x 5 l bottles,
or 1 x 10 l bottle


Manual 6-port/3-channel injection valve

stainless steel, 1/8", 300 bar, including accessories


Mounting bracket AZURA L

for KNAUER injection valves


Sample loop 1000 µl

stainless steel, 1/8", 1 ml, M8x1 connectors 1000 µl


Sample loop 2000 µl

stainless steel, 1/8", 2 ml, M 8x1 connectors,
2000 µl


AZURA V 2.1S with 12-port multi-position valve head

stainless steel, 1/8"


Mobile Control

Software controlling AZURA devices/ system
including 10" tablet


Mobile Control Tablet Mount

Universal tilt and swivel tablet mount


Chromatography Workstation

for PurityChrom® and ClarityChrom® with 24" monitor, international edition


Router 8-Port, international version

Router to connect all AZURA Instruments via LAN and WLAN


Tool kit AZURA

tool kit for systems with 1/8" capillaries made of stainless steel


AZURA Capillary Start-up kit

1/8", stainless steel


ClarityChrom Prep 7.2

single instrument license one time base


Inlet-bushing kit LPG

Solvent Filter
1/4" PTFE tubing
max Flow 250 ml/min


Supported software packages

OpenLab, ClarityChromPrep

AZURA Preparative System Installation Card

AZURA Installation Card Preparative, V6800A

AZURA Preparative System Installation Card

AZURA Installation Card Preparative, V6800

AZURA Pre-Installation Guide

AZURA Pre-Installation Guide, V6802

Mounting bracket AZURA L

for axial compressible columns with 20 mm ID


Torque wrench

Open-jaw plug-in excluded


Product riser AZURA

28 mm height


Installation Box Kit

Box for small parts, KNAUER file folder and support sticker


no photo available 6-Port multiposition valve head

PEEK, PPS, 1/8", 150 bar


Set of eluent supply bottles

3 x 2.5 L


Sample loop 1000 µl

stainless steel, 1/8", 1 ml, M8x1 connectors 1000 µl


Injection Syringe Injection syringe

volume 2.5 ml


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