18.10.2017–19.10.2017 | Seminar / Workshop | Fraunhofer Institute

Valorization of bio based raw materials

Workshop on the topics of biotechnology, bio products and bio based raw materials for industrial uses

Raw materials based on bio mass are a highly attractive and promoted field of development. Driven by legal policy and changes in consumer and producer standings it can be expected that “green
materials” will increase in volume on the market. The workshop held in Bremen, Germany, aims to show the latest progress in biotechnology, bio products and end uses. You will find the program here.

Our collegue Dr. Yannick Krauke is one of the announced speakers referring about the following topics:

– Glycerol valorisation

– HPLC for the hemicellulose hydrolisates

– Wet spinning of biopolymers and their applications

Please contact him to discuss KNAUER products and solutions.




Date/time18.10.2017–19.10.2017 09:00–00:00
PlaceFraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced
Materials IFAM – Adhesive Bonding Technology and Surfaces –
Wiener Strasse 12 | 28359 Bremen | GermanyMap and directions