19.07.2017–21.07.2017 | Trade Show | Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.

ISPPP 2017

36th International Symposium for the Separation of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides

KNAUER exhibits as a Gold Sponsor at ISPPP 2017 in Philadelphia.

Dr. Yannick Krauke will be on site and inform you about KNAUER product highlights.

KNAUER is looking forward welcoming you at ISPPP 2017!


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Wednesday, July 19 @ 10:10 AM to 7:45 PM (Reception ends at 7:45pm)

Thursday, July 20 @ 10:10 AM to 4:10 PM


KNAUER Poster Session on Wednesday, July 19, between 8:00AM and 10:40AM:

Automated two - step purification of mouse antibody IgG1 with AZURA Bio LC Lab system

Antibodies (immunoglobulins, Ig’s) are part of the immune system. They can identify and explicitly bind antigens thereby neutralizing them. Due to their specific target recognition function, they have a significant importance in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Key applications are the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Besides, antibodies are also central components in numerous research applications such as Western Blots and immunoassays. Quality and purity of the IgG is crucial for these applications. The purification of antibodies involves often two to three steps:


1. capture step

2. optional intermediated step

3. polishing step


The transition from one to another step generally involves manual interaction and thus consumes time. Automated rebuffering of purified antibodies by combining the affinity chromatography step with a gel filtration step increases the efficiency and optimizes the workflow immensely. Moreover, the quick and automated linkage of multiple chromatographic purification steps into one method minimizes manual sample handling and the time between steps thereby optimizing sample throughput and preventing handling errors.


Here, the automatization of protein purification was demonstrated by the purification of mouse immunoglobulin (IgG1). The antibody was purified from 10 mL cell culture by affinity chromatography with a proteinA column. The eluted antibody was automatically collected, “parked” in a sample loop and thereafter reinjected on a gel filtration column for buffer exchange. Finally, the antibody was recovered by a fraction collector.


SDS-PAGE analysis was performed to control protein yield and purity between the single steps. It could be shown that the mouse IgG1 was successfully purified and dissolved into the desired storage/working buffer using automated two step purification method with a dedicated biochromatography system.

Date/time19.07.2017–21.07.2017 | CEST
PlaceLoews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, 1200 Market Street, 19107 Philadelphia, PA
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