KNAUER history since 1962


We are proud to celebrate our 55th anniversary. KNAUER is a worldwide partner of science. We support research and progress, now and in the future.


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In the annual ranking of medium-sized employers, conducted by the University of St. Gallen, KNAUER was awarded a TOP Employer 2017 on February 17th, 2017.


KNAUER receives several awards for its innovative solutions and the quality of its products:

  • Quality award Berlin-Brandenburg 2016
  • Application Award 2016 in the food analysis category of the Laborpraxis magazine
  • TOP 100 award: Among the100 most innovative medium-sized companies




KNAUER enhances the service activities as the demand is growing.


Another success at the "Top 100" innovation award. "One of my most important tasks is to create the environment for successful innovation,", explains sole owner and managing director Alexandra Knauer. Stefan Leiser and Dr. Serge Mell receive the award from popular TV presentor and mentor Ranga Yogeshwar. 

July, 2014: Dr. Alexander Bünz leaves the company and Alexandra Knauer becomes sole Managing Director of KNAUER.



The winners for Contichrom: Alexandra Knauer presents the award, Dr. Guido Ströhlein from ChromaCon presents the check, and Dr. Matthias Lübbert from KNAUER points the certificate to the camera.

KNAUER receives the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2013 for its Contichrom System, developed in collaboration with ChromaCon AG. The LC system designed for discovery, process development and scale-up offers choices in process modes (batch, SMB, CaptureSMB, MCSGP, and multi-column) and increases yield and purity.


Alexandra Knauer and Alexander Buenz receive TOP 100 award from Ranga Yogeshwar in 2012

It's already the third time, that KNAUER receives the "Top 100" award. On June 22, TV presentor Ranga Yogeshwar handed over the innovation contest prize, KNAUER being 2nd in the category of companies with 51 to 250 employees.


In the contest „Best employer of Berlin 2011“, KNAUER is among the top 10 companies.

Winner of the prix veuve clicquot 2010: Alexandra Knauer
Dr. Lothar Späth (right) hands the prize over to Dr. Alexander Bünz
Dr. Lothar Späth (right) and Dr. Alexander Bünz in 2010


Alexandra Knauer wins the prestigious "Prix Veuve Clicquot" as female entrepreneur of the year.

KNAUER takes second place in the "Top 100" competition, with a victory in the "climate of innovation" category.


Alexandra Knauer, Katharina Pöggel (Human resources) and Doro Zinke (Confederation of German Trade Unions) in 2010


Familiy-friendly in Berlin: In the contest "Companies for families 2010", KNAUER wins in the category of companies with more than 100 employees.


TÜVTheinland Certificate
TÜV Rheinland Certificate 2008

TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH certifies KNAUER according to ISO9001:2008. With this quality management certificate, we are among the first companies with the certificate that is valid as of 12/2008.


Alexandra Knauer and Alexander Bünz receive TOP JOB Award from Wolfgang Clement in 2009

Wolfgang Clement, Germany's former economics minister and mentor of the Top Job initiative, awards KNAUER the prestigious Top Job seal of approval. One of the decisive factors was the creation of the company garden as a means of promoting communication between employees in a relaxed atmosphere.


PLATINblue UHPLC-MS with column thermostat T-1
Introducing Bioline High Resolution glass columns in 2009

Three major changes in the product range are introduced in 2009:

  • KNAUER introduces the combination of PLATINblue UHPLC systems with mass spectrometry. The PLATINblue UHPLC-MS system can be controlled via the popular MS software Excalibur. 
  • Bioline is the new product line for biochromatography. It features biocompatible HPLC systems with benchtop cooling, high resolution glass columns and separation media.
Introducing BlueShadow in 2009
Introducing BlueShadow in 2009
  • BlueShadow, the new product line exclusively for OEM customers is introduced. It offers typical KNAUER advantages like robust, efficient components with flexible operation and, in addition, new intuitive touchscreen control.
Alexandra Knauer and Alexander Bünz receive Top100 award from Lothar Späth
Alexandra Knauer and Alexander Bünz receive Top100 award from Lothar Späth in 2008


Former prime minister of Baden-Württemberg Lothar Späth appreciates KNAUER innovations with the "Top 100" award. Especially the flat hierarchies lead to an above-average climate of innovation and an active participation in regular company-wide meetings. 

Introducing PLATINblue UHPLC in 2008
Intoducing Vertex Plus column hardware in 2008
Intoducing Vertex Plus column hardware in 2008


PLATINblue, the new modular system for ultra-high performace liquid chromatography (UHPLC) features an extended pressure range up to 1000 bar with a data acquisition rate up to 200 Hz - an ideal combination for high resolution LC applications. The system offers an intuitive, easy-to-use  data analysis software. 

BlueOrchid 1.8 μm UHPLC columns represent a new level of performance in HPLC, offering ultra fast separations with superior efficiency and significant improvements in sensitivity as well as in resolution.  A very narrow particle size distribution minimizes column back pressures to values in reach of conventional HPLC systems. 

KNAUER SmartMix 2007


Introduction of SmartMix, a versatile patented eluent mixer. Submitted for the Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Award 2007.

The new CHANC€ system receives the innovation award of the “Initiative Mittelstand” in the category „biotechnology“.

Dr. Alexander Bünz becomes the successor to Managing Director Bernward Rittgerodt.

KNAUER assistant module in 2006


The unique "Smartline Assistant" can take over a variety of tasks such as sample preparation, sample injection or fraction collection.

Alexandra Knauer receives an award from Berlin senator Harald Wolf
Alexandra Knauer receives award from Berlin senator Harald Wolf in 2004


Launch of new HPLC columns for chiral separations.

The multi-channel UV spectro-photometer Smartline UV Detector 2600 wins first place in the category "Chemical Analysis" on the Eurolab in Warsaw (Poland).


Alexandra Knauer is awarded with the first Berlin Prize for Female Entrepreneurs.


Introducing Smartline in 2003


Introduction of the modern Smartline HPLC series with a diode array detector with an attractive new look and price/performance ratio.


Starting in 2001, production is increasingly moved in-house to ensure quality and improve flexibility. Introduction of another innovation: detectors with fiber optics.


Alexandra Knauer becomes sole owner of the company.

CHANC€ system for mobile HPLC from 1999
The most compact HPLC system from KNAUER in 1998


Introduction of the CHANC€® system, probably the smallest portable HPLC system in the world (5 kg).


Completion of the WellChrom HPLC line, one of the most compact HPLC systems on the market with a scanning UV detector. Bernward Rittgerodt joins KNAUER as Managing Director alongside Alexandra Knauer. As of this year, the company begins training apprentices in technical and sales areas.

The worlds smalles SMB system from KNAUER in 1996


Unique on the market: the 8-fold pump head for parallel chromatography. A pump equipped with one of these pump heads can provide the performance of 8 single piston pumps.

KNAUER’s quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Development of the smallest SMB system in the world for preparative continuous chromatography for the separation of two-component mixtures, such as chiral products.



Alexandra Knauer, daughter of the company’s founder, is appointed General Manager and manages the company together with her father.


Introduction of a complete range of products for preparative chromatography.

KNAUER preparative system from 1992
KNAUER refill columms from 1978


Introduction of innovative electronic pulsation dampening for HPLC pumps, making more sensitive measurements possible.


First column refill service in the world for HPLC columns from a wide range of manufacturers. The range of KNAUER column products already includes columns with 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 mm inner diameters.


Worldwide launch of the innovative HPLC connection system DYNASEAL.

Starting in 1986, KNAUER spins out several specialized subsidiaries including “SÄULENTECHNIK Dr. Knauer GmbH” which are later re-integrated into the parent company.


A new line of instruments for the clinical laboratory is introduced: an automatic freezing point osmometer and a colloid osmometer.

Historical KNAUER HPLC pump
KNAUER pump from the 1980s


KNAUER is the first European manufacturer of HPLC instruments in modular format which quickly become well-known for their outstanding flexibility. KNAUER’s biggest selling product at the time is the Pump 64.

Knauer building 3
KNAUER building in Berlin Zehlendorf


KNAUER develops additional analysis instrumentation and marks its first success with instruments and columns for HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY (HPLC). The company, still housed within the Knauer family’s own large residence, is bursting at the seams. The new company headquarters is completed in 1974 and offers 4,500 square meters of working space for production, development and administration.


KNAUER is honored with a gold medal during the Leipzig Trade Fair in East Germany – then a rare honor for a West German company. Thanks to this award, the East European market for vapor pressure osmometers is open to KNAUER.

Historical KNAUER osmometer
Dr. Ing. Herbert Knauer & Roswitha Knauer at a trade show in the 1970s


It all starts with a worldwide sensation: Dr. Herbert Knauer, then a 31-year-old chemist, develops a universal temperature measurement device which can measure up to 1/1000 °C. Shortly thereafter he develops another instrument: an electronic freezing point osmometer/cryoscopy device for determining molecular weights up to 3000 g/mol. With these two developments, the base for the future success of the company, founded by Dr. Herbert Knauer and his wife Roswitha on October 1, 1962, is established.