How much performance do you need?

Standard separations or high-resolution analytical determinations, KNAUER analytical LC instruments cover it all.

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Efficient and adaptable to your needs

  • 700 or 1000 bar HPLC/UHPLC pump with HPG/LPG option
  • Wide selection of detectors (e.g. UVD, MWD, DAD, RI) with latest flow cell technology
  • Autosampler 0.1 μl – 10000 μl injection volume 

Choose between different configurations to find the best analytical solution for your tasks.

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Select your perfect column

KNAUER offers more than 6000 liquid chromatography columns.

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The Column Finder shows the complete range of KNAUER columns and bulk materials for HPLC, UHPLC and other LC techniques.

Filter for USP code, Modification, Pore Size, Length, Inner diameter and many more specifications to find your perfect column.



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